"Outcome is important to the ego, process is important to awakening"

— Anthony Gary Lopedota

• Introduction

We all have a part in this Divine play. In developing this web site my intention is to share what has come to me over the last 40+ years of practice and study. My intention is to share information and experiences that will help practitioners and teachers along their path. Paramahansa Yogananda did not give karma so much authority that it could not be changed or elevated. Just by reading this information, I hope the potential karma of future injury or ill health will transmute into perfection, although minimizing or lessening those possibilities will suffice.

Often times professionals, i.e. doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths, physical therapists, and teachers from other yoga systems criticize Ashtanga yoga possibly because of its’ somewhat aggressive form and the many experiences and stories of injury. These critiques are not totally justified. This form appeals to passionate practitioners needing to really move their energy. It would be unfair to judge the method just because of the injuries that are spoken about without considering the value the same practitioners are gaining. There is a genius to this form and it is my intention to examine, explore and advance what Professor Krishna Patabhi Jois has spent his life developing. This web site is also an invitation for you to participate.

My yoga teacher called his school a research institute. Yoga is life, an ongoing evolutionary process.. This is not about the ultimate truth which can be summed up in one word, Love, but about what is true for me in the area of health and well-being. If you resonate with the information here, we will probably work, study and play together at some time, on some level.

Obviously this is not for everyone.

In the spirit of brother and sisterhood I give you whatever this spiritual being has available in his human experience, to give.

Blessings to you, ever-prostrating in reverence to the Divine that is our true nature.



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