Love says "I am everything".
Wisdom says "I am nothing".
Between the two, my life flows.

— Nisargadatta Maharaj

• Putting our past behind us

During the awakening process it is often necessary to put our past where it belongs. That is not to say, to forget it. The past holds keys to issues and patterns that block doorways to the pure present and to anchoring the new beliefs that are true for us now. It is not enough to have a mystical experience through meditation or a profound glimpse of cosmic reality through peote, hiawaska (psycotropics) or the touch of a true Guru. We must anchor these temporary awakenings. At first we are quite vulnerable to sliding back and some of the strongest magnetic pulls to old unconscious habits are family and friends from the past that just can’t or won’t see us for who we are today. During this vulnerable period, which could be years, it is prudent to keep a distance from these people and places that could trigger old, unhealthy character traits, diluting seeds of greater truth that have not completely rooted. We cannot live in the proverbial cave of renunciation forever. There will come a time, where the newly acquired waters of awakening will have to be tested. This is also part of the anchoring of who you are today, more accurately of who you have remembered you always were. This timing will be different for everyone. Monastic life encouraged this type of retreat in ancient times. If awakening is paramount in your life, you will find a present day retreat with the qualities you need for your particular process or you will create one for yourself. Some will utilize nature and a tent or teepee, some a shack or garage. I think it was Sandra Ray who told me she did a three year retreat in an apartment in New York. Whether that is accurate or not the point is, if this is your calling, make the necessary arrangements rather than excuses as to why it can’t be done.

I remember a story about a man traversing a dangerous switch back trail to the top of a mountain, the proverbial path to enlightenment. All of a sudden the earth gave way and he found himself hanging from a root that meant sure death if it gave way. This icon of spiritual seekers was yelling, ‘is anyone up there, help, help, is anyone up there?’ His grip slipping and the root failing, he heard a voice, a loud booming voice. ‘Yes Joseph, I AM up here.’ Joseph called back,’ Help me, help me, I can’t hold on much longer.’ The booming voice continued,’ Let go Joseph, trust, you will be saved.’ Joseph yelled back, ‘Who are you? ‘I AM, the Lord you have prayed to all your life, with many names and many forms and I have come for you today, let go Joseph, trust Joseph, it will be alright, you will be saved.’ Joseph yelled again, ’Is anyone else up there? Many are called, few answer. In an article I read, Adyashanti said, ‘I am a truth guy, not a comfort guy.’ No one said it would be easy, if it were, more would answer the call, and many would be attracted to the path. There is a spiritual renaissance happening now it has taken on many forms in order to attract many different karmic paths. It is now the times to draft off those who are paving the way. Hop on your skateboard and grab a bumper, we are all in for quite a ride.


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